Artist talk in the lecture hall - Francesco Pedraglio

Artist talk in the lecture hall – Francesco Pedraglio

After leaving Francesco’s talk I feel wonderfully confused and uplifted. His video piece that he ended his talk with was truly intriguing and I felt that I was drawn into his mind. It put objects at the centre of his storytelling and time and space were given a new space.

He brought up questions around his studies of “the silence” “the quitting” and “the storytelling” the one who throws himself in with his full imagination and slowly starts putting “the dots” together.

He brought up interesting thoughts about the work practice and the execution of it and drew interesting parallels through narratives, charactersand his own experience.

He was very charismatic and it was an intellectual and fascinating journey that we were brought along.

I enjoyed getting an insight into his sources of inspiration, the literature, the thoughts and his production of subjectivity, the object and the final abstract object.

I feel left with many good book recommendations and a more open mind towards my practice.

Attached image: Laure Prouvost & Francesco Pedraglio “We all know…” sign, 2011

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