Sigmar Polke (when pictures vanish)

Sigmar Polke (when pictures vanish)

Been researching Sigmar Polkes development and works with the photographic image. His use of constant experimentation and use of painting, collage, media in his manipulations with imagery.

Feeling a new need of manually working with imagery and the process of developing your own photographs.

Been working solemnly digitally with my photos and collage pieces and I now want to experience and create the hands on rawness which Polke achieves. I recognise myself and my practice in a lot of his work. I just need the space to experiment and get messy. So my mission now will be to fill the studio with materials and occasionally leave the computer at home!

So changing direction with one of the scenes for “after the feast”.

(words taken from  Sigmar Polke, an artist of infinite, often ravishing pictorial jest, whose sarcastic and vibrant layering of found images and maverick, chaos-provoking painting processes left an indelible mark on the last four decades of contemporary painting