Inspiration, workshop and assistance with my film

Inspiration, workshop and assistance with my film

Firstly I need to thank my cat for have done some pretty good scratching and all the great forums and ambitious people at vimeo and who I got a lot of help from.

I also went on a workshop at to learn how to colour film which was a great experience and there were many likeminded artist who were very rewarding to talk to but most of the dyes and colours that we created would be difficult to recreate at home due to the dangerous substances but tea staining, colour dye, beetroot etc which we used as well was quite useful too. See attached photos. The video was too large to upload. I was also taking photos during the mixing and preparation process with my then phone. I accidentally dropped it in a bowl of blue dye. So there was yet another lesson taught.

The ENoch pratt library was a great place for 16 mm film and sound:

Films of inspiration for their scratching and colouring techniques.

Brian Pritchard, expert on early colour processes in motion picture film:

National Film and Sound Archive: tinted-film-projects-national-film-and-sound-archive/