Working with the heteroclite in the found object.

Working with the heteroclite in the found object.

I have finally moved into our new flat which means foremost installing myself and my world. Unravelling my suitcases with my accumulated things since years back I am astounded over the body of materials I have gathered.

I am a herder, which I most likely inherited from my hobbit as a father. My collecting is mainly from a fascination with the heteroclite. My small jam jars collected from various french cafes have now become the shells to host to name a few, found moths, teeth, pins, cut outs and found pieces of porcelain.

I have for years been a regular at London’s flee markets, rummaging my way through long forgotten paraphernalia. Each item that I choose gets registered in my mental database and I then await for the puzzle to grow. The fitting and connecting of these wondrous things. Each discovery unveils a story and I await for the moment when it will get a life again. Find it’s newly discovered function in a piece of art.

It ignites me.

I have started to see a path of where my work is leading me but even half way through working on a piece I can be lost as to where it is heading. I can see that there is a consistent set of interests in all my work and my found objects and pieces usually come and wrap it up.

One mans inspiring work with found imagery:

In my current piece for “the revenge of the fish” I will be using some of my found photos and object. Shark teeth, 1 bottle of Chlorophyl medicine, 1 of my photographs of a hitchhiker (edited).


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 09.10.17

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 09.10.21