Soundpiece for my installation

Soundpiece for my installation

(Cover image, the incredible Delia Derbyshire)


14 days since the evacuation. They home in on you soundlessly, soundlessly they grab you. I can’t reacall when I last heard birdsong or any sounds besides the last remaining speakers, tune in and hide, tune in and hide, tune in and I, I can’t take this any more….. abrupt end of recording

4 days since the evacuation. surviving on rainwater and insects. I can see the swarms multiplying.

7 days since evacuation, no signs of any other humans, the nights are getting colder, can’t help wondering if I’m the only one alive. Trying to stay hopeful. Did she make it. Has there been a successful rescue mission ,could she be safe.

(less anxious, in a more realised state where fear is now the protagonist).

Me (for the loudspeaker announcements)

Tune in and hide, Tune in and hide, tune in a and hide, beware, beware, remember kids tune in and hide. Avoid all contact with the outdoors, evacuation procedures are in action. Please listen out for further announcements

The plan/process

My plan is to create an eerie, surreal background sound, a mixture of white noise, alarms and loudspeaker announcement. The recordings by my protagonist should sound genuine and believable, no irony, no sarcasm or humour. I’ve been working on Audition an audio software from Adobe which has been quite a challenge, equally rewarding as difficult. There is a a lot of potential in it, but I guess I was looking for a more straightforward software. I did however get some interesting loudspeaker effects that I’m very happy with.


Recording my own script