Todays painting on 16 mm film and photographs

Todays painting on 16 mm film and photographs

Barney_theo_kalejdoscope small BarneyandTheo Gerdur_Theo_small BarneyochCharlieI learnt a lot from todays experiments. This being the second time that I’ve painted both 16 mm film and photographs I al ready had gained more confidence and a clearer understanding of what I would be able to achieve.

With the painting on the photographs I had some real failures but I also achieved some very interesting pieces that I found very succesful. With the painted photographs the more I tried to fill in details the less interesting I found the finished piece to be. The first time I painted on photographs I used oils and pastels, this was satisfying since I could “erase” my errors and what I didn’t find successful, which was my near constant situation. The oils and pastels were however less successful in texture and transparency compared to the watercolours and that I used today. They were favourable in their transparency but with the downside of not being able to “erase” my errors. The instant drying was great for not further smudging the paints but it also came with the chance of severely regretting and damaging the paint effect on the photograph.

Working on my second lot of 16 mm film, I found myself to rigorously following a very organised system when splicing up the film. Taking great care and time in numbering the spliced film pieces and making sure there would be no mix up.

14th of May

A couple of days after my disastrous  day of trying to project my footage to then film it. My days of working on the film were long and intimate. I felt like I can imagine Tacita Dean, immersed in a celluloid universe, splicing, cutting, painting, rubbing, scratching. In a dreamlike scene imagining the beauty and incredible effects that you are the creator off.

Unfortunately the projector broke and partly damaged my film and when I managed to see it on the steinbecker screen it was a couple of short minutes of disappointment. But perhaps next time I look at it, I will feel differently.

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