Leslie Hilling

Leslie Hilling

Lesley Hilling at the Knight Webb Gallery Brixton


I first came across Leslie’s work at a small gallery in Shoreditch. It was the opening night and the small and intimate gallery was filled. The first pieces that I saw were small box like pieces very much in Joseph Cornell  style, intricately made with what looked like found objects ranging from screws, photographs, lenses etc.


Info from her website (http://www.lesleyhilling.co.uk) “Obsessive joinery is merged with a confusion of disparate elements, structured in a complex but ordered whole. Her work conveys a powerful sense of longing to preserve the fragments of the past, a desire for order, a passionate and mysterious evocation of lost moments. “


Walking further in the pieces got larger and even more intricate. Piano pieces were a recurring material alway weaved in with photographs and personal memoria. She had created whole doors with moving parts and each piece demanded full attention, there was so much to see, take in and be amazed at.


What was however the most interesting part of the exhibition was the “creator“. When entering there was a bio of the “man“ behind the pieces. An architect who lost his family when one of his buildings collapsed. After this he became a recluse and started to create these piece from his home. There was a long description of him staying at home not leaving the house for longer and longer amounts of times. There were photographs and eye witness accounts to strengthen the story, all very believable and heartbreaking.


Then I came to this exhibition and saw “his“ pieces just to be told that they were made by Leslie. I was amazed by the fabrication and also how the story enhanced the work so much. I definitely want to explore the fabricated further in my work.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 19.26.50 darkwooddays KWG107_Lesley-Hilling_The-Night-Watchman_2014_wood-and-mixed-media_25x60x14cm-each_sml KWG112_Lesley-Hilling_Stollen-Moments_2014_wood-and-mixed-media_17x25x14cm_sml 6