Installing my piece for UNIT 7

Installing my piece for UNIT 7

As always it’s a last minute job and I might have over complicated it for myself by working with too many elements, audio, sculptural work and video. I would have liked to have been able to spread out even more with the paper, but the location was not ideal with other work beings shown so close to mine. It was also already an issue to reach the audio piece in the background when you had the paper/print installation in the front.

If I would re install this piece then I would do my measurements better, making sure the wall piece was perfectly straight and even neater.

My first problem that I encountered was the DVD not burning, but a visit at the DMC has solved it.

Im happy that this is behind me now. I will pack down and start to fully rethink my practice. Less is more. I need more strength in a chosen piece.

A new chapter to work on. It feels liberating. Starting anew.

I look forward seeing it tomorrow to see how I feel about it.